Ever see those engagement photos that make you go “huh, I’d never think of that”? There’s a secret sauce to making sessions fun and unique. Here’s my recipe to having a kick-ass engagement session. FYI you get a more extensive version of this in my client guide when you book with me! It helps create […]

5 Ways to Have an Awesome and Unique Engagement Session

Instagram is a great tool for marketing, showing off work, and apparently making friends. It’s how I ended up doing this adorable In-Home Session in downtown KC with these incredible men. Cecil and Zach run an adorable instagram account that you can find here. Their goal is to show you that not all gay men […]

Downtown KC In-Home Session – Zach + Cecil

Jenny & Zach set their first date at Westside Local in Kansas City before they realized it was a busy hot spot. Instead they started their first date at the corner of 17th & summit and now it’s “their spot”. In true Kansas City weather fashion, it snowed here Saturday. After rescheduling due to weather […]

Westside North Engagement Session – Jenny + Zach

I’ve said it before. To be a wedding photographer is to wear many hats. We do so much more than just wedding photography. It’s why I preach so hard that people find someone they click with. We’re your cheerleaders – We wanna see you succeed. When you plan a wedding, you have to juggle a […]

5 Ways Your Wedding Photographer is More than Just Your Photographer

Wedding season is on the horizon! So a few of us KC Wedding Photographers decided to meet up at Loose Park & love on some couples as a warm-up. I decided a few months ago that a good way to meet up with some fellow photographers and also as a chance to see some of […]

KC Wedding Photographer Meetup at Loose Park

Recently, I vowed to share more about me so that you all know there’s a person running this business. So, let’s keep me honest. Here are 10 “fun” facts about me. (If you know me IRL, please don’t expect to be surprised by any of these.) I have been reading since I was 3 years […]

10 Facts About Me – Your Kansas City Wedding Photography

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