Burr Oak Woods Engagement – Natalie & Terrance

I am a big believer that if the universe brings you back to someone, you take that someone and you marry someone. That’s exactly what Natalie & Terrance will do this November.

Natalie, Terrance and I suited up and headed out to Burr Oak Woods for their engagement session a couple of weeks ago. We were in between big, bold storms and Game of Thrones was playing that night so basically there was just a lot going on. (jk about the Game of Thrones, but also not really)

Terrance and Natalie met at the high school we all attended. They were a couple of years younger than me. People grow up and they drift apart, but then love brings you together and all the sudden you’re in a wet and muddy forest dancing with her and loosing pieces to your very nice and expensive looking watch. I hope that’s fixed, by the way. My heart hurt for you, Terrance!

We walked around the forest, muck be damned, and we talked about how these two love to meal prep and work out together. I mostly brought that up because I saw photos of these two at the gym on vacation. Do you know how much dedication that takes?! I can’t even say I’m particularly surprised because on top of this? Natalie joined the PeaceCorps and went to freaking Rwanda. Really. You can read about her journey in her blog here.

Watching these two work together was amazing. They were delightfully goofy and down for anything. Even when my prompt gave them an initial eyebrow raise, they were down for anything.  Burr Oak Woods is definitely a hot spot for engagement photos, but I’ve now been here post torrential down pour, the hot hot heat of summer, and the dead of winter. This place is gorgeous every single time.

 Man spinning fiance in burr oak woods engagement session

 Close up engagement ring shot at burr oak woods

 Prism Couples photo at burr oak woods engagement session

 silhouette engagement photo in burr oaks

 couple walking together in open field at burr oak woods

 couple laughing together at burr oak woods

 detail engagement shot of watch at burr oak woods engagement