Chateau at White Oak Wedding | Hey Bells!

Do I tell y’all enough that I love to give rewards when you refer wedding clients to me? Evidently, Whitney heard because she brought me Emily and Lindsey & I couldn’t be more thankful.

Whitney and Emily played basketball together in Iowa and now my wish is to photograph the whole team’s wedding. One year after the other. This one, in particular, took me to the beautiful state I haven’t visited since driving there and back for a concert in 2011. The drive was beautiful, the venue was beautiful, and the night was un-freaking-believable. The Chateau at White Oak has it all. There’s a vineyard you can walk through, a beautiful outdoor ceremony location, and there’s even a bar downstairs in the venue where you can come and drink their delicious wine.

I was told not to ask who, but someone scheduled the wedding the same day as  Hawkeyes game, and the girls let me know it was a big part of everyone’s lives. It was in speeches and there was even a television in the venue that played the game that I frequently found people standing around and cheering for. It added to the energy of the day and as someone who understands the basics of sports, it was absolutely endearing.

I’d like to start this post with their proposal story, written by the two of them:

First off, Lindsey is a huge snoop and needs to know everything, but she did not know on August 9th, 2018 at Copper Creek golf course that was going to be asked to marry Emily. We are big golfers. Emily has been golfing since she was a little tike. Lindsey on the other hand picked it up when we met. For just picking up the sport and developing skills, she has not only has one, but TWO holes in one. We went out to the course where Emily use to work.

The patio area overlooks the 18th green, and this is where it happened. Shaking in her boots, after a giant drive up to the green, Emily whiffs to put the ball on the green, knowing in moments she will be asking Lindsey to be her wife fo life. Asking her to go pick the ball up out of the hole that said “turn around” there Emily was on one knee. She said YES! Along side all of our family and friends, we had a giant celebration with lots of laughs, hugs, and even a few tears. We decided on the date 8.31.19 to call it forever! YAHOO

chateau at white oak outdoor ceremony setup chateau at white oak ceremony details chateau at white oak reception location chateau at white oak dessert decoration chateau at white oak - bride putting on dress with her mom chateau at white oaks -bride reads letter from her wife to be chateau at white oaks bride's letter in vineyard leaves

As the day unfolds…

The day started with the girls getting ready in the upstairs and downstairs parts of the venue, but from the very beginning, you could tell that they were just anxious to see one another. Emily and Lindsey exchanged letters, Emily lost some eyelashes and then she was ready to see her future wife. We headed to the vineyard on site and got into place for them to see one another. All of the years and their time had lead to this moment.

“We met back in 2013, not on each others radar. We slowly became friends. And rekindled every time we saw each other. Always knew we were meant to be, just took our time getting there. Have been together as a couple officially since September 11, 2016 when Lindsey surprised Emily at her apartment to candle lit dinner after work.”

chateau at white oaks - lgbtq+ first look in vineyard chateau at white oak - bride hugs MIL first look with dad - chateau at white oak chateau at white oak full bridal party walking in field wedding party photo in vineyard - celebration - chateau at white oak chateau at white oak - laying down flowers in ceremony for the bride's deceased parents chateau at white oak outdoor ceremony location photo same sex couple first kiss chateau at white oaks chateau at white oak bride gives thumbs up to family during recessional chateau at white oak black and white dip photo in the vineyard bridal portraits - chateau at white oak chateau at white oak, proud mother of the bride smiling chateau at white oak - cousin/best man high fiving bride after speech

The Vendors for Chateau at White Oak:

Venue- Chateau at White Oak
Food- Lidderdale Catering Country Store- Carroll Iowa
DJ- Complete Events – Clive, Iowa
Videographer- Chris Lo- Situation Films- Des Moines, IA
Hair- Nicole Behr Vesta Salon Ankeny
Makeup- Kristin Condoleon – SOMA Med Spa- Algona, Iowa
Makeup- Beauty of All Faces Makeup