Red Door Wine Store Engagement Ring Shot

Red Door Wine Engagement – Charleen + Mark

Chark & I (that’s Charleen & Mark) headed out to Red Door Wine Store last week for their engagement session. I quickly knew upon their inquiry that we were kindred spirits. Ean & I also used our celebrity couple name (Tean) to create an e-mail to organize all of our wedding e-mail shenanigans. It felt good to know there are other people corny enough to do something like this.

Mark is in the military and Charleen is a nurse. Between schedules being crazy, these two buying a house and Charleen taking her nursing skills onto greener pastures? Heading out to get some freaking delicious wine was an amazing idea for everyone involved. We were able to chill. These two were also able to cuddle, and I got the cutest and most personality-filled photos ever.

Every minute was a new laugh and Mark practicing his blue steel for these photos was great because he broke every time Charleen giggled. Both of them love to get the other one busted up in laughter. A friend of theirs owns Red Door Wine Store which was amazing! The store was amazing inside and the wines were delicious. If you’re a fan of sweet red wine (like me) try the Roscato!

Charleen & Mark have worked hard to make this year happen. Their wedding at Union this fall will be absolutely perfect. There’s a rooftop, there will be family and there will be fun.

Follow along on the blog for their August nuptials!

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