Historic Home Engagement Session

Historic Home Engagement Session – Jacie + Austin

Okay, listen to me. You will NEVER see another in-home session as cute as this and you will also never catch me in the snow again. Cherish this historic home engagement session as if it is your last. Frankly, it might be. I don’t know how to freaking top it.

I’ve said it before but snow engagement sessions are so cute in theory. Generally it’s like 15 degrees, everyone’s nose is cold and you can’t even wear cute clothes because all cute clothes are not necessarily warm clothes.

Jacie & I went back and forth about rescheduling, but by the time we were out the door the weather was fine. Nothing was sticking. 45 minutes later was a totally different story but it was also reasonably warm and amazing? I don’t know. I’m just telling you the planets freaking ALIGNED for this magic engagement session.

This historic home belongs to Austin’s parents and even has an instagram you can follow! All of the decor is freaking adorable and when I walked in I refused to believe that anyone even lived there.

Jacie & Austin’s love is one where they tease each other and arent’ afraid to have fun and that’s my favorite thing to photograph. They work in wildly different careers where Jacie is working for a juvenile detention center and Austin works a really physical job as a freaking welder. It’s amazing seeing how the two of them play off each other and how easy and adorable they make love look.

Thanks for inviting me into (and out of) such a beautiful freaking home! I love when people can truly make their engagement session unique and special to them.

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