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My best friend was married on a beach in St. Thomas quickly. Therefore, we headed to downtown Overland Park for a belated engagement session. These two met on Myspace. The rest is history. Niccy & Jon have been together for 9 impressive years. They got married back in February after a smooth cruise spit them out at […]

Belated Engagement Session in Downtown Overland Park – Niccy + Jon

The Nelson Atkins Museum is the perfect place for a Kansas City engagement session. It’s even more perfect when your clients are theatrical, super in love, & hilarious. How does a guy from Seattle meet a girl from Kansas City & end up in love and in New York? Easy! Being a writer/actor/comedian and having […]

Nelson Atkins Museum Engagement Session – Dru + Ellen

In 2017, the average cost for a wedding was $25, 764. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Here’s some tips for ballin’ on a wedding budget. I did a little poll over on my instagram stories asking what my next blog post would be! Joke’s on you guys, I’m doing both. Really, I just needed […]

How to Have a Midwest Wedding on a Modest Budget

I’m getting married this August and I wanted something well suited to our personalities. Here are the 5 wedding traditions I’m ditching in order to achieve that. I have been telling myself for ages that I should blog more about me, but it always feels SUPER self-centered. I know that people would like to get […]

5 Traditions I’m Ditching for my Wedding

Your town has 1 million wedding photgraphers. Here’s 10 questions to ask them to find the right one for you. It’s my wedding day. All the sudden your camera stops working. What do you do? – These questions aren’t in any particular order, but I do feel as though this is one of the most […]

10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer