Couple stands in afternoon harsh sun holding hands at Sheraton Parking Engagement Session

Sheraton Parking Engagement Session | Rachael + Kyle

First, we’ll talk about the elephant in the room. YES. Kyle’s mustache is the best thing since sliced bread. Second, these two are just very obviously the most fashionable babes in the world. We headed over to where they first met and that’s what made this Sheraton Parking Engagement Session fucking magic.

People generally overlook parking garages as one of the best places to take photos. It has built in shade if you decide to go down in the actual car park. They also generally have amazing views of whatever city or part of town you’re in. When Rachael and Kyle said they had an emotional attachment to this garage, I was pumped. They said they loved the view from it.

We bonded over the mustache and their absolutely adorable outfits for basically ever. They also have the coolest cats and are IT nerds just like myself.

These two have made an amazing decision to have a cute, intimate wedding next year on the roof top of Big Mood Natural Wines next year with only a handful of people. We’ll be spending our time together getting some really cool portraits, celebrating their love, and

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