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I'm here, I'm queer, and I'm ready to party the night away with my people.

About Tay

I love when folks reach out to me, we connect, and they take my advice of “do whatever the hell you want to do” to heart. This is exactly how this Fairway Creamery Engagement session was born.

Jamel found me on twitter, which is pretty often these days. He had expressed frustration in trying to find Kansas City Wedding Photographers that were photographing people who looked like he and his fiancé. He scrolled through places like the Knot and stated the photographers were lacking diversity. No queer couples, no fat folks, nothing. Some friends of mine on Twitter asked him if he’d seen my work and we connected immediately.

Jamel and Jenn get married this July at The Uptown! I’m no stranger to the Uptown, but I’ll get to finally check out some of their other spaces! They’ll be getting married in the Broadway Room.

For their engagement session, this lil blended family went to Fairway Creamery. We met for donuts and ice cream with Jenn’s son, Lewis, and everyone knows I love a good session with a kiddo. So, I was on cloud nine. Lewis is a complete sweetheart who wants you to know he only likes Vanilla ice cream. But also clearly really loves Jamel and Jenn.

Once we finished up there, Lewis headed off so we could go take gross kissing pictures. We’d planned to head to Seven Swans but they hadn’t yet opened back up. Instead, we putzed around Westside and found some of the most beautiful trees.

Then, we found a Black Lives Matter sign we just had to get a photo with. I did a little shoulder shimmy and said “looks like were getting political” and Jamel simply said “Good.

Have I mentioned I have the best clients?

Make sure you make it to the end. There’s a handshake you don’t want to miss.

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- kara + anudeep

"I knew Tay did great work from looking through her website, but it was talking with her and hearing her approach to her business that sold us. She is one of those people who exudes kindness and joy. We are an intercultural couple and it meant a lot to me that she had demonstrated a commitment to inclusivity in her client portfolios."

"Tay is simply the best. Contact her for a consultation; you won't regret it."

- ally + luke

"When I met Tay in the summer of 2017, Luke and I were freshly dating and filling in for a portfolio session that had cancelled on her short notice! And let me tell you... that was one of the best things to have happened to us! We had a BLAST and it was then that I knew I wanted Tay to capture our relationship along the way— so when Luke proposed she was one of the first people I told! I have never been the most comfortable in front of a camera— but she makes it feel so dang easy. Tay has this way of capturing the purest moments, the goofy moments and all the love that exists between them. Just recently, she delivered again for us. Seeing our wedding through her lens was the cherry on top of my favorite day. I cannot thank her enough for the joy she has brought us— and the photos she has given us to show genterations to come."

"Tay has this way of capturing the purest moments, the goofy moments and all the love that exists between them."

- jerica + kathleen

"Tayanna is a prime choice for a photographer.
She photographed our wedding and produced home-run, out of the park, Friday night lights photography. We asked her to focus on moments: people interacting with each other and less formal moments. Her professionalism, communication and quality is top-notch. If you want top performance, hire Tayanna. 10/10 would recommend, will hire again."

"10/10 would recommend, will hire again"