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Anyone else feel their ability to “person” correctly dissipate during all of this? I was a blogging fool once upon a time if you can believe it. Now, I’m trying to remember which of my perfect couples I haven’t graced the blog with yet. I immediately stumbled upon Hayley & Bryce. Just waiting in my files. We headed out for their Antioch Park Engagement Session finally after COVID had ruined our plans months earlier.

Hayley and Bryce have an absolutely amazing kiddo who you will probably see one million photos of once I inevitably fall in absolute love with her at their wedding. She’s the perfect mix of both of them and even without her being present at their engagement, I can see exactly what they must be like as parents.

Together they are playful, caring, and extremely thoughtful. They even brought me a save the date to add to my fridge of favorite people. They’ve been incredibly patient throughout this entire thing even though I know it must have been very frustrating to have plans change.

I’m so ready to celebrate with them in Parkville this year! The way they’ve described their day, friends, and family as absolutely crazy let’s me know there’s a party to be had.

I’m so happy for y’all and am pumped for whatever the next coming months bring for you!

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