monochromatic loose park engagement session couple bumping hips

Loose Park Engagement – Wes + Jerome

Loose Park engagement sessions used to be so easy to come by. Somehow, recently, I realized I hadn’t been to my favorite park in quite some time. So when these two Kansas City transplants mentioned it for their engagement photos, I was ecstatic.

I’ve never met a couple who enjoys media as much as Wes and Jerome. They found me via my LGBTQ+ friendly vendor list after attending an LGBTQ+ wedding show I was supposed to attend. I, unfortunately, was unable to, and I am so glad they were still able to find me. They were able to find so many of their other vendors via the list as well.

These two will be married at Alamo Drafthouse next April. They will say their vows on the stage of an actual theater and I am dying for time to fast forward just to experience it. The theater experience comes from Wes’s love of film and it doesn’t even stop there. They’ve been to countless concerts this year, were engaged at the Red Rocks and are just super freaking cool.

When I asked how they met they were yet another OkCupid success story. *Insert Airhorn Noise* I feel like people should really lean into online dating. Yes, for serious relationships. I’m an introvert who can disguise herself in social situations and the internet is a great place to meet people!

I also will generally save some of their fun facts for their wedding, but for the first time I had a couple answer my favorite question. “What couple do you two remind yourselves of?” They gave me Brad & Jane from the TV show Happy Endings. They’re probably my favorite tv couple and I think that deserves to be shared with the world.

Finally, sink your teeth into these engagement photos and know that their only requirements were “A Christian Rap Album Cover” and a photo of their really cool marriage socks. Carry on.

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