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Legacy at Green Hills

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2018 for Hey Tay – and honestly for me has been a wild ride. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I went through a rebrand, going from “Tay Daliese Photo” to “Hey Tay” encouraging any and all people to message me by using this and people still won’t. (Please, I’m dying here. Say it!! […]

Hey Tay – Best of 2018

MEKAYLA AND RORY WERE A #MATCHMADEINWARBY AND THE REST WAS HISTORY. In honor of my unapologetic love for puns, I’ll let you know that MeKayla actually said, “We met while both working for Warby Parker. It was love at first sight! (get it? Because Warby Parker sells eyewear… but also, it really was love at […]

Californos Westport Wedding – Hey Plantes!

CEDRICK & ASHLEY’S FIRST DANCE AT DELEON EVENT SPACE WAS A CHOREOGRAPHED 2-STEP That wasn’t even the most fabulous thing about this wedding. Ashley’s been following my work since before I graduated college. (Right? I’m surprised she hired me too! Only kidding.) She’s a teacher, a planner, a crier, & an enormous sweetheart. She kept […]

DeLeon Event Space Wedding – Hey Lyles!

WHEN HANNAH AND MEREDITH INQUIRED WITH ME, THEY TOLD ME THEY WOULD BE GETTING MARRIED AT PAVILION EVENT SPACE. Two adorable ladies and one of the venues on my bucket list? I’m in. When I saw how many people were in their bridal party, I thought these girls must be loved. Then I saw the […]

Pavilion Event Space Wedding – Hey Bricks!

I started my photography career and continued to use Canon for 9+ years. I swapped to Nikon for 2+ months. After reading reviews, I took the plunge into mirrorless wedding photography. Here’s why I chose Sony. The first thing I hear consistently is what is a mirrorless camera. Mirrorless cameras lack an optical viewfinder or mirror. […]

Mirrorless Wedding Photography – Why I Chose Sony

Schwinn Produce Farm is an adorable barn venue in Leavenworth, KS. In the early fall there are sunflower fields and in the winter it’s still cold, yet charming. It was the perfect spot for Katy & Tim to tie the knot in front of their most adored friends and family. This was truly the most […]

Wedding at Schwinn Produce Farm – Hey Morrises!

OLD SHAWNEE DAYS IS A KANSAS FAIR THAT LACKS COTTON CANDY BUT OOZES CHARACTER ANYWAY. I’ve been aching to photograph a couple of cuties at some sort of fair/carnival for ages, but couldn’t find anyone who wanted to book at the same time one was coming into town. Someone told me about Old Shawnee Days […]

Anniversary at the Kansas Fair – Torri & Adrin

I STARTED PHOTOGRAPHING WEDDINGS IN 2013 WHEN I GRADUATED COLLEGE. A local photographer took me under her wing and taught me SO much, but there’s still so much that can only be learned by doing it. Second shoot often and grow thick skin. You’ll never learn if you put yourself in an untouchable bubble where […]

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Photographing Weddings

ELLEN AND DRU WERE MARRIED AT THE KANSAS CITY LIBRARY, NOVEMBER 10TH OF THIS YEAR. From there, they had an amazing reception at Tom’s Town Distillery where we ate pie, munched on a candy bar (a bar of candy… not to be confused with a single candy bar) & danced the night away. Ellen & […]

Wedding at the KC Public Library – Hey Johnstons!

CHOOSING A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER CAN BE STRESSFUL. I think as photographers we all know this. We all also want you to book us, obviously. So here’s my attempt at helping you weed out the competition (be it mine or someone else you have in mind) and be neutral to help you love your photographer on […]

How to Choose your Wedding Photographer