LGBTQ+ West Bottoms Engagement Session | Destiny + Lennox

When you meet couples who want to hire you, the more enthusiastic, the better you feel. So this LGBTQ+ West Bottoms engagement session? I’ve peaked.

Destiny reached out to me at the end of 2019. Life happened. Nothing came of it. Lennox reached out a few months later. Told me his fiancé, Destiny, wanted to get married and only wanted me as her photographer. I had booked their date, but Lennox said they’d make it happen.

A couple of e-mails back and forth and they’ve changed their date and I was a super secret surprise for Destiny’s birthday. Holy shit, right? I got to be a present. But the real gift? (Oh yeah, I’m going there) Having these two as clients.

Destiny gets me. She watches my stupid, goofy stories and the first thing that happened when I got there is she laughed at some bumble they made and said that I’d point it out on social media because that’s who I am. They know me and they like me. That’s so damn cool.

They come from conservative towns with conservative folx and are yet living their lives loud and proud and they’re just so. damn. cute. They’re so playful and they’ve worked damned hard to have their dream day. We’re in the middle of switching things up & making a day that makes sense for them, but in the mean time we’re just gonna celebrate these bad asses and their love for one another.

Can I get a hell yeah?

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