Elegant Nerman Museum Engagement | Rebecca & Benjamin

Rebecca and Benjamin live their lives day-to-day in Nashville, TN. After a long stint of being in a long-distance relationship? They closed that gap physically and then got freaking engaged. So what did they do? They drove all the way from Nashville for this amazing and elegant Nerman Museum Engagement session.

These two will be married in almost exactly two years at the Lightener Museum in St. Augustine, Florida. It’s probably the most beautiful wedding venue I’ve ever seen. Therefore, It’s absolutely fitting for one of the most beautiful couples I’ve ever met.

I originally met Rebecca when she was a bridesmaid for one of my favorite brides ever, Jordan, at her Weston Red Barn Farm wedding. She was so full of love, light, & helped me keep my energy levels high even when I’d been there and tired for hours. It’s always such a relief to meet and bond with someone in the wedding party immediately.

These two are huge lovers for family and advocates for each other, especially under the pressure of having such a long-distance relationship. After their engagement photos, we went for dinner where I got to know them even more. Ben has such a gentle soul and is so incredibly supportive of Rebecca and everything she does. She is the same. His music career and her Make-Up career put them both firmly in the art scene.

My husband and I have now made it our mission to see them in Nashville before their wedding so we can see their scene. They talk about it with such joy and maybe some of it is their local church scene, but it seems like an amazing place to be.

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