Clinton Lake Engagement Session – Emily & Lindsey

Kansas rain led to Kansas flooding which sadly stopped this Clinton Lake engagement session from ending in the water.

Emily and Lindsey live, love, and will marry in Iowa this August. Their wedding is actually just two short weeks from my own! They wanted their engagement photos taken somewhere that was different than what they could get where they live. So they came down to visit and we headed out to Clinton Lake for their engagement photos  in Lawrence, KS.

Clinton Lake is part of Clinton State Park, a state park in Kansas.  To be safe and courteous, we purchased two permits which were very reasonable and headed out. Normally, it has a beautiful wide beach, but with all the flooding lately, the water was too high to traverse in. Instead, we found other beautiful spots to stop for photos and it was incredible.

Emily and Lindsey have been together for several years and Emily actually found me through Whitney & Casey whose wedding I photographed last year. Emily and Whitney met through basketball, which is the coolest thing to me.  They are both the absolute sweetest and have found wonderful women to marry and I’m absolutely over the moon for them.

We walked around the lake and at one point, I played Emily & Lindsey’s first dance song. I captured them swaying to the beat. It was completely moving and beautiful. From our photo adventures we headed to Cielito Lindo, my favorite mexican restaurant. We talked about how great their families were when they came out. We talked about how we both plan to honor our loved ones that can’t be there with us.

It’s always nice to be able to take my clients out for dinner or lunch after a session. More so when I have my fiance with me and we can treat it just as a casual double date. I get to learn so much about my clients and their families. It makes wedding days go smooth too! I know who to talk to in case of an emergency, who they rely on, and who is super important and needs a million photos.

Two women practicing their first dance Clinton Lake Two women laughing on steps in Clinton Lake one woman kissing her partner's forehead at clinton lake two women standing on rocks at clinton lake two women holding hands under a tree in clinton lake two women walking and holding hands at clinton lake one woman whispering in her partners ear at clinton lake Two women kissing on a hay bale in Clinton Lake

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