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Kauffman Center Engagement Session | Kelly + Alison

When your client tells you that she works for the Kauffman Center and wonders if you could possibly take their engagement photos inside? You pass Go without hesitation and meet her and her fiancee for a freaking Kauffman Center Engagement Session. You know what I’m saying?

I did a podcast interview for Good Bodies yesterday, but the host and I spent a bit talking about how much easier and better things got for our business when we stopped trying to “play the game” that everyone plays and instead just were ourselves on social media.

So many people are worried about how speaking out about things might make other perceive them. What’s super freaking cool is that for every person you may feel that you’re alienating, you’re gaining the love, trust, and respect of someone else.

Kelly and Alison are absolute bright shining stars as people. They have amazing energy, banter, and just genuine love and respect for each other and you absolutely love to see it.

They’re another one of our Tinder success stories, which is always amazing, as someone who also hit the online dating lotto. They’re ALSO freaking beagle moms which is near and dear to my heart.

When I asked what made them pick me, they stated “We were drawn to you because you photograph LGBTQ+ couples so well.”

Please enjoy these absolute perfect angels and please don’t miss their champagne pop.

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