Couple cuddles by their motorcycles for their hodge park engagement session

Hodge Park Engagement Session | Mikaela + Luke

I’ve told y’all I suck at going anywhere other than my house, right? This damned virus has only made it worse, but Mikaela had me covered. She knew exactly what she wanted which brings us to this Hodge Park Engagement Session.

See, Mikaela is also a Kansas City wedding photographer. Or at least, she used to be. Her hustle is a huge part of what inspired me to hustle harder and quit my job. I got her a job where I was working and after she’d been there a while she found out being your own boss was better. I didn’t follow suit immediately, but I wish I would have.

She hit the ground running, built her wedding business and then realized maybe there was something else out there. A little less stress but still involved building relationships and getting to unleash the little creative beast. She found boudoir photography. Then I got to show her a thing or two. It’s an amazing part of the photography world that is growing daily. It’s been great watching her grow her business.

It’s going to be even more amazing to watch her marry Luke! They’ve been together almost an entire freaking decade. They ride motorcycles together, they flip homes together, and they laugh together. They also have like 5 dogs together and they’re all loud and amazing and perfect. #TeamGrape They’re a total dream team. They plan on taking me and another colleague on their epic elopement journey early 2021 and I’ll be sure to share the magic here. In the meantime, support her boudoir journey!

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