Wonder Wonder KC | The Schlesselman’s 2nd Anniversary

Wonder Wonder is an art installation in Oak Park Mall that is totally worth visiting. As the Schlesselman’s unofficial official anniversary photographer, we headed out to get some not your average anniversary photos.

Last year, Lauren, Cole, and I headed out to the Nelson Atkins Museum and photographed their first official wedding anniversary with some balloons, a gold dress and a helluva lot of love. Missed it? No worries, click here to view it! This year, Lauren found this adorable Lily Pulitzer jumpsuit and was on the hunt to find the right place for it to fit in. Wonder Wonder KC seemed to be exactly the right place for it.

We almost decided on a nice fair, but with the distance and with knowing that last year no cotton candy was ever found at the fair… we opted to find this place in Oak Park Mall. Last year/earlier this year pop-up selfie booths were all the rage in KC. Stuff appeared here, in Lawrence, and everywhere and unfortunately I didn’t get to visit a single one. So when Lauren found Wonder Wonder, I was all in. Unlike the others, it’s a permanent shop and if you’re not in Kansas City? No worries. Boulder has one too! The installations change consistently so you’ll always find something new!

Lauren even purchased a cute cotton candy machine but after waiting 2 hours in the heat for our shenanigans it’s pretty sad. (It still got its own shout out below if you see it) It was, as always, a freaking pleasure to get to hang out with these two as sometimes it’s difficult to make time with other people in the industry. Remember to check out her work at Lauren Nicole Imagery! She’s a fabulous photographer and her husband is a wonderful DJ for Complete!