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I see a lot of people that want to switch to Sony, but they don’t know where to start. Here is some of my favorite Sony Equipment to photograph weddings with.

 My Favorite Sony Photography Equipment

My Favorite Sony Photography Equipment

Mirrorless cameras are on the rise and semi-objectively speaking… Sony is head of the pack.

I’ve written about switching from Canon to Nikon and finally settling on Sony Mirrorless before.At the time I had only photographed one or two weddings and maybe an engagement with it. Since then, I have photographed countless more sessions and I can truly say that buying a Sony Mirrorless camera is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my business.



What’s in my bag:

This list is up to date as of 03/01/2019:


Sony A7III

Sigma Art 24 1.4

Tamron 28-75 2.8

Sony Zeiss 35 1.4

Sony 55 1.8

Sigma Art 85 1.4

Godox V860 (2)

Godox AD 200

Pretty much every MagMod modifier that exists

A few tips for buying online:

  1. Don’t be afraid of refurbished/used equipment – While selling my Nikon kit I was amazed by how many people turned their nose up at my refurbished equipment. Buying things off a line brand new and in a box is in some ways riskier than buying refurbished. Most companies have a multi-checkpoint process for ensuring their equipment is of good quality before letting it go. Brand new equipment is sent down a line and boxed up. Machines are great, but they are fallible just like humans.With used stuff, buy from people you trust and always make sure you’re using mediums that have buyer protections. Don’t buy using PayPal friends and family if you don’t know someone and their character very well. Ask to see equipment in use before purchasing. Cross your Ts and Dot your Is. However, it is well worth it. I’ve saved thousands on equipment in my lifetime because of this.

  2. If you do buy new, check reviews – All of the links above are through Amazon. That’s where I buy most things. Usually, my equipment is fulfilled by Amazon. If it can’t be, I check reviews and return policies. Sigma is notorious for sending me Canon equipment instead of Sony and it’s infuriating. However, since I buy through them I know I can exchange it mostly hassle-free. I also buy equipment from B&H, Adorama, and a local camera shop to me called Overland Photo Supply if you live in the area. Out of desperation, I bought my Tamron from eBay because it was sold out. I went with a seller with 9,000 positive reviews, however.

  3. If you can, use this as a way to build credit – There are several places with no interest over a certain amount of months. You can buy something you know you have the cash for on credit and then turn around and pay it off. PayPal even has their own line of credit.



Tips & Tricks

The A7III and A7RIII aren’t very well documented online, I’ve found. I’ve learned most of this from trial and error. It has sorta sucked. So, here are some things maybe you wondered about. I will add to these as I learn more.

  • You cannot use flash and silent shooting mode simultaneously. If you want flash, you’ve got to have that mechanical shutter noise on. I wish I could tell you why, but I have no clue and I thought my camera was broken for AGES ’till I figured this out.

  • If you use Photo Mechanic with your Sony files, you are going to be tricked into thinking your photos are too small. Photo Mechanic does not render Sony RAW files the same way it does with Canon and Nikon. With a little patience and decent eyesight you can over-cull a bit to make sure something is sharp, but you will not be able to zoom in. The one or two posts I found about this had a workaround to change your settings so that you photograph Raw + Jpeg for full-size rendering. This could work for you.

  • You cannot use the anti-flicker mode with silent shooting.

How photographing with Sony Mirrorless has changed my approach

  1. I feel stealthy as shit. I am a ninja. It is super easy for me to go wherever I want (where flash is not required – see above) and capture the emotion and whatever else I want while being undetectable. Wedding puppies aren’t distracted by me, and shy relatives don’t hide from me because they don’t even know I’m there!

  2. Arthritis is crappy. It’s in my hands, knees, feet, and probably more places I don’t know yet. Handling big heavy DSLRs was causing my joints/bones to lock into place and it was painful to photograph. This was especially true in cold weather. Now, I can photograph for longer way easier.

  3. I worry way less about nailing focus. My cameras shoot 10 fps and the eye focus is amazing. I am way less nervous and even if one shot misses, usually the next one or two has adjusted in the frame and the subsequent photo is amazing.

 My Favorite Sony Equipment - Kansas City Wedding Photographer

My Favorite Sony Equipment – Kansas City Wedding Photographer

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