Clients hold favorite plants at John's Greenhouse Engagement Session

John’s Greenhouse Engagement | Sierra + Brandon

First of all, shout out to America’s Next Top Model (in my heart) and the powers that be that led her to me. I can’t believe more people don’t opt into this amazing place, honestly. This John’s Greenhouse Engagement session is not one to miss.

Sierra reached out to me as a fellow 1/2 of an interracial relationship. She found me via an amazing list of Black Owned Businesses in Kansas City.We jived on social issues, living our truth in the mess that is 2020 and when we hopped on our first video call it turned out I’d even met her fiancé in another life. It was kismet.

We combined their love for plants with their love for Kansas City, Art, & a KC staple. Winstead’s. John’s Greenhouse was ready to go with COVID-19 pre-cautions aplenty and really short notice for us to have their engagement session there. They do rent on an hourly basis to photographers, so definitely reach out if you want a plant filled space for your client’s needs. They’re also always expanding and looking for ways to do more with artists and even have a lot next door where I took photos the last time I shot there!

After we left, we headed to the Nelson Atkins Museum, Some family of Sierra’s ran us some tasty Winsteads fries and shakes and we posted up on the lawn for even more cuteness.

It’s been absolutely amazing to learn about all of these couples and to absolutely break the stigma of finding love online. It’s out there, you just gotta swipe a little bit till you hit the jackpot. Their wedding in 2022 is going to be an absolute sight to behold, so keep beholdin.

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