TO MENU

        Hey, I'm Tay.
        I think I love you.

        My entire heart lays with my grandparents, tiny humans, & never allowing an awkward silence to live for more than 3 seconds.

        You need someone who cares about your day. Someone with more weddings under her belt than you can count with your whole family’s fingers and toes. You also need a brilliant communicator who strategically takes on clients so that she can give you personalized, undivided attention. What a coincidence that this person happens to be me.

        We’ll probably make fast friends if:
        You like books
        You like babies
        You prioritize being kind to others
        You think my jokes are punbelievable ( I tell mom jokes. They’re dad jokes, but better)

        Heard enough? Think you’d like to be one of my people? Want my people to call your people?

        My other half

        I usually bring an assistant to sessions and more often than not, that’s my guy, Ean. He’s a scientest & his analytical side has been amazing behind the camera. He’s the dad jokes to my pun cringe and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every year on our half anniversary, we’ve made it a tradition to step in front of the camera, so here’s a few of my faves.