Grand Street Cafe Wedding | Hey Millers!

Grand Street Cafe is obviously a grand ole cafe, but it’s also a tucked away wedding venue!

When I walked into Grand Street, it was absolutely and undeniably adorable. There was all the room in the world to personalize the venue and vendors could be cleverly tucked away for things like dinner and DJ’ing.

Jenny is probably the most laid back bride I’ve ever met in my life and between her and Zach, the day was incredibly smooth and full of fun.

What traditions did they ditch?

Well, in the best and most amazing move they didn’t have a wedding party. Instead, they just brought all of their closest friends with them on a party bus and we drove to The Nelson to take photos of all the people they loved best. It made for a stress free experience, especially because Jenny is the very opposite of “all eyes on me”. We took a few minutes just to relax and then headed back to the venue.

Plus, I’m here to tell you that if you haven’t ever been to a wedding with pretzels and just a literal vat of cheese, you’re missing out. The whole spread was amazing, the toasts were full of giggles (turns out their best friend took his speech opportunity to tell Jenny’s dad that he ran over their mailbox years and years ago) and everyone on that dance floor knew how to get the hell down with their bad selves.

I went through my 2019 weddings and somehow realized I hadn’t blogged this gem of a day, but feast your eyes! Take these two love birds lead and do whatever you want. Bring your best friends on a bus and just do the damn thing.

What they had to say about me!

Choosing Tay to photograph our wedding was one of the easiest and best decisions we made. Both my husband and I are awkward and uncomfortable with being the center of attention and photographed, obviously a bad position to be in on your wedding day. However, Tay made something typically uncomfortable for us into something fun and easy! The photographs are beautiful and captured a lot of special moments as well as the energy of our dance floor at our reception!!

Vendor list:

DJ Fernando
Yummies by Yoka
Grand Street Cafe

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