Do I need a videographer?

I wish I could just type “yes” in 75pt font and leave it at that, but I promise “quality” content around here.

This is my wedding video. Therefore, you already know I’m leaning towards “of freaking course you need a wedding videographer” but I’m going to tell you why.

Wedding videographers are often an afterthought, and I truly don’t believe they should be. I’m ashamed to say that before my own wedding – I would have believed the same. We went to a wedding vendor display and walked around and that’s how we met John. He was so full of joy and life and we knew we wanted that positive energy on our day.

Then, I started thinking.

How nice would it be to be able to share the best parts of my day with friends and family, and maybe our (definitely adopted) kids one day? How. Freaking. Cool. We’ll have photos – I have an album on the way. However, reliving our vows, the vibe, & the kind words our friends said? Holy crap, that’s been incredible.

What do I look for?

I think it’s very similar to choosing a photographer, to be honest. If we hadn’t met John in person, I’m sure we would have been scouring the internet for a personality we loved. We also obviously wanted to love the style of their video because there’s editing (in content and in look) that is done with video as well.

From there, we would have had to work it into our budget. Video is another few thousand dollar expense. Put your money into the things that last has always been my thought.

Which leads me to…

I provide video add-ons now!

I’ve met a ton of amazing engaged people who felt comfortable knowing their day would be taken care of by me and they wanted a videographer I trusted and loved working with.

This has been in the pipeline for a while now, but I finally was able to sit down with John and make a plan.

I’m also going to be adding videographers to these bundle deals.

I am working on grabbing another of my favorite video duos, because John can’t be in two places at once, & it’s going to make things even better/easier for you.