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The Uptown Theater is an amazing venue that has several hidden gems among it. There’s a beautiful marquee for your name, an amazing stage of lights to be married on and it’s a staple of Kansas City.

Karen & Geoff are amazing literary nerds (much by myself) that incorporated their love of all things books in every detail. Their bouquets were made of the pages of books, and they chose to take a section of their portraits in front of the Kansas City Public Library. Why? Because there’s a giant book backdrop, of course! There was a small hiccup when I was temporarily left behind due to all the fun they were having, but it just ended up being a blip in an amazingly fun day. A blip we laughed at ten seconds later, I might add.

The dramatic lighting in the theater and the fun posters made their venue truly a place to behold. Their individual tables had personal popcorn bags, they had the sweetest and most beautifully lit first dance, and their family members filled the space with love and joy.

Congrats, Geoff and Karen! You’re going to do great things and I hope next time you come back to Kansas City, we can meet up! I’d love to hear how everything’s going.


Book Lovers at the Uptown | Hey Shuliks!

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saint rose catholic church last second magic wedding

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saint rose catholic church last second magic wedding

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