Black Hoof Park Anniversary Session | Sheroquai & Jon

Last year I photographed the Hansen’s Kansas City Wedding at Foundation Event Space. It was magical. This year, we meet up at Black Hoof Park so we could document what a year in love looked like.

This year, my fiancé and I will be married 2 days before the Hansen’s actual anniversary. We’re so close to being anniversary twins! We had to sneak off to the park for an early engagement session because Sheroquai is a bad ass woman in the army and she’ll be leaving for more training in a few weeks.

In their year she’s traveled a lot and even become a freaking officer. I can’t even imagine how much hard work and dedication that takes. I’m not surprised at her tenacity, however. On her wedding day she was the epitome of calm & the day went smooth as could be. (I mean, other than the DJ cutting off their choreographed dance but we took that in stride).

It was so amazing that I was able to finally get someone to get up with me at the crack of dawn again. I always try, but it looks like the only morning people in this world are me and two others. Sheroquai and Jon. If nothing else, this is a perfect reminder that if you got your engagement photos taken somewhere way cooler than KC, like these two, and you book me for your wedding? We got options. They decided we’d do an anniversary session instead and it was so nice getting to see them after a year.

If you’d like to revel in how cute they are, please feel free to scroll and then head back up to that link up there for their wedding photos. They had such an adorable wedding and her dad’s dedicated dancing to her was… the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.