Best of 2019

It’s here! The 2019 Hey Tay round-up!

Good Bodies will have its own round-up so keep your eye on the blog for that, but for now I just want to celebrate all the amazing couples, families, & weddings I got to experience in 2019.

I photographed 15 weddings and over 30 couples + families (let me know if I missed you, sorting through files can be WILD) these are in no particular order, but they do encompass the journey that was this year.

I made a ton of milestones.

I quit my other full-time job and was able to make more time for what I love.
I traveled to 3 different states to officiate and photograph weddings for amazing people.
I got married!
I rebranded to fit my full time jive.

I am so proud of everything I accomplished this year and I’m so glad to have met the people who helped me experience it. Here’s to an even better 2020 where I’ll get to experience Mexico, Florida, LA, & wherever else you want me.

See you in the next decade!