Audrey + Rose’s Simpson House Wedding

Audrey & Rose’s Simpson House Wedding was my first ever at the venue, and I’ve gotta say that I’m hooked. They’ve got beautiful getting-ready rooms, the outdoor spot for ceremonies gives you that intimate feel, & it’s a quick walk to The Nelson, where my clients decided to have their formal portraits taken!

From the beginning, these two were a goddamn delight. Rose’s big personality compliments Audrey’s stoic, quiet one so well (and when Audrey does match Rose’s energy, it’s incredibly cute). Audrey and Rose have suffered so many losses over the past few years, so the emphasis on found (and biological) family was seen in spades throughout the day.

Audrey’s grandmother has so much love for them, and both of their dads were emotional and just so damn delighted to be present. Rose’s brother had a custom suit jacket that was so damn cool (you’ll know it when you spot it) and Rose’s cape was PERFECT. I did actually squeal a little when I saw it. It was just very them.

There were college drinking games, choreographed dances, Mambo Italiano as a trap remix, lots of delicious food and who can forget the fact that their entire wedding party + a good majority of the guests were in on a flash mob starring music from the musical Six. (Rose’s face is to die for)

Scroll through their day and fall in love with all these people like I did that day.

Planner: Expressive Solutions
DJ: Paige from Levity Events
Florist: Trapp & Co.
Rentals: Durant Events
Hair & Make-Up: Naturally You
Invitations/Program Design: Mariya Pillipenko
Rings: Diamond Direct
Catering: Garozzo’s
Dessert: Cupini’s
Clay Earrings: Gina Holzner