6 Little Wedding Day Tips for Photos with Big Impact


There are a million big things to remember on your wedding day.Here’s 6 little wedding day tips that can make a big impact on your photos.

As photographers, we have a precarious balance between giving advice and impeding on your day. Of course we want you to have beautiful photos, but we never want you to feel as if you can’t make your day exactly what you want it to be. There are small things that can make your wedding photos absolutely beautiful.

  1. Keep your getting ready space clean! Sometimes, the mess can add to the story of the day, but having a couple of good clean spaces for portraits, putting your clothes on, & having sentimental moments can be super helpful. There’s just something that produces a disconnect when your mom is crying while putting on your jewelry but there’s a big sonic cup in the background. If you have a place with multiple rooms, consider putting all the mess there. Just don’t make it the cutest room!

2. Let your mom take photos of you during the ceremony. If you want. You see all these posts about unplugged weddings and those are cool, but the truth is… capable photographers can work around that. Would we love some common courtesy surrounding ceremonies? Sure! No matter how capable we are, if someone steps in the middle of the aisle right when you’re first kissing, we’re gonna miss our shot. However, we understand that your parents are excited. They deserve to preserve your memories too if they want.

Let’s just all agree not to let this happen again.

Kansas City Wedding - Circle S Ranch

3. Let things happen – Your dress is going to get dirty. Your hair is going to fly with the wind. Things are going to run behind, but take the day as it comes.  Every moment, even the ones where the horse is trying to also get a kiss is a photographic moment. When you hire photographers like me who rely on a large portion of the day as documentary-style, we don’t want perfect. If you’re hiring us, we hope that’s also how you feel. Of course if it’s going to jeopardize the way you feel about pictures or if you have spinach in your teeth, we’ll tell you.


4. Consider coordinating/matching getting ready outfits – Again, it makes things a lot more styled than normal, but it can make a surprisingly pleasing element to photos. You can have mix matched leggings like these girls for personality, but it makes you the center of photos.

De Leon Event Space - Kansas City Wedding Photographer

5. Buy/Bring a cute hanger. If you’re a details person and would love something personalized, Etsy has plenty! I do my best to keep clean, dark brown hangers in my car, but if you’d like it to match your decor this works even better! Generic, plastic hangers can look dated and just not great.

6 Tips for Wedding Photos - De Leon Event Space

6. Hire a professional hair/make-up artist – Any talented hair/make-up artist will tell you that hiring a professional is important. Sure your cousin does make-up but does she know how to prevent flashback? Do they know how to make sure your make-up is subtle yet still easily read by the camera? I think this is one thing you shouldn’t skimp on. Find someone you trust and who has done weddings and make sure you have a trial! You want everything to look the way you imagined on your day.

There you have it! Six simple tips to help out with your wedding day photos! Please drop anything else in the comments if you have it, I’d love to hear things you’ve done that have made a big impact for you. Of course there are the big things! A dress that fits, a cute venue.. Those things come easy. I’m here to help with the things that don’t.