5 Ways Your Wedding Photographer is More than Just Your Photographer


I’ve said it before. To be a wedding photographer is to wear many hats. We do so much more than just wedding photography.

It’s why I preach so hard that people find someone they click with.

  1. We’re your cheerleaders – We wanna see you succeed. When you plan a wedding, you have to juggle a ton of things. We’re in the background with tools, advice, & just a general “YAY YOU DID THE HARD THING” in case you ever need us. If there’s a day you got a new puppy & just need to share it with someone? Text me. I want to see that puppy and I want to congratulate you on a new best friend. We are on your side, we are the captain of “Team You.”5 Ways Your Photographer is More
  2. We’re your stand-in – Here’s a photo of me mouth breathing while putting jewelry on one of the sweetest brides I’ve ever had. You’re bound to have about a million people on your team. I’m there to document the day as it comes, but I’m also there if you need an extra hand. I’ve got arthritic hands and I’ve never been any good at DIY anything (Ask any of my art teachers. It’s a wonder I’m any good with photography), but I’m always down to try.
  3. We are your coordinators – A lot of people think that we show up, shoot the day, and then we sit behind our screens. There’s a lot of editing magic and all the sudden your photos are perfect. The end. This couldn’t be less true. If I were to sit and count up the amount of time I have spent making timelines, scouting amazing locations, putting together invoices, contracts, setting up meetings… The list goes on and on. A lot of how a wedding day goes rests on your actual planner/coordinators shoulders (if you choose to get one, and you should), but I would argue that your photographer (and DJ) play a huge part as well.5 Ways Your Photographer is More
  4. We’re your dance partners – Something I’ve heard from quite a few of my clients is that they loved looking through my reception images. How do I get these amazing, up close and energetic images? Easy. I’m out on the dance floor with you. Some people may not want this, and of course I would respect that. However, as it stands, it’s part of my brand, it’s who I am, and no one can stop me from doing a smooth cha cha slide.
  5. We are your confidantes –  This one sounds the most dramatic, but think about it. When you’ve been hamming it up all night and entertaining guests, but haven’t grabbed a bite… Who does it for you? Okay, probably your best friend or parent. But it definitely could also be one of us. We’ve been making sure you get your quiet moments all day, we’ve been doing our best to stop your uncle with a camera from ruining a photo you desperately want. We take your private fears, worries, and challenges of your wedding day and we work that shit out.I’ll leave you with an example:At one of my weddings last year, some drunk guests ate about 1/4 of the cupcakes at the wedding before the festivities even started. An aunt came and found me when she found the beer cans that had been left in their place. Did I tell the bride? No. Was it my job to fix it? Hell no. Did I? Hell yes.Take care in hiring your wedding photographer because yes, we capture your memories, but we also do so much more.

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