5 Ways to Have an Awesome and Unique Engagement Session

Ever see those engagement photos that make you go “huh, I’d never think of that”? There’s a secret sauce to making sessions fun and unique. Here’s my recipe to having a kick-ass engagement session.

FYI you get a more extensive version of this in my client guide when you book with me! It helps create unique photos in places I wouldn’t have found or thought of on my own. It’s even better because it relates to my clients.

How to have a Kick-Ass Engagement Session - Kansas City Wedding Photographer

  1. Schedule your engagement session during an event or art pop-up that’s in town. Of course ask if they allow photography first, but the worst thing they can do is say no. Best case, they’re into it and it’s free. Middle case is they’re into it, but they’re into money a bit more and you pay a small fee. Either way, now you’ve got some unique engagement photos on fun rides or in front of the work of an indie artist you’d love to shout out on instagram.
  2. Dress to fit your personality. A lot of people think they have to get brand new outfits to take photos. I won’t lie, it is pretty fun. However, if you do decide to do this… Consider only getting one new outfit. So much of your photos is about comfort. Are you comfortable in your skin, are you comfortable making out on a busy street, are you comfortable in that really cute but scratchy material you just had to have? The more comfortable you feel, the more comfortable you look. Trust me on this.In-Home-Cooking-Session - Kansas City Wedding Photographer
  3. Plan an activity for your photos. Is there something you and your significant other like to do together? Cooking, roller blading, bar hopping, etc. This definitely goes back to comfort, but it also gives your photos some life and makes them special and unique to you and your partner.
  4. Bring your pets. Your fuzzy friends bring out the best in you! If you’re at home we can let them roam free and if you’ve got a pup (or cat on a leash) Their big personalities will add a little flare to your photos and I get to play with an animal or seven.LGBTQ In-Home Session - Kansas City Wedding Photographer
  5. Communicate your needs to your photographer – I have recently implemented a questionnaire for every new couple who I photograph. I send it over after you book and it asks about how you show affection, what your favorite things are about each other, & some more nuggets like that. It lets me know where to lead the direction to make y’all comfortable. If you’re nervous about your smile and know you need to be told to relax, let us know! All your photographer wants to do is help give you the best photos they can!