This is where you'll share a step in your process to show what a seamless experience you provide for each client you serve. This is where you'll share a step in your process.

call me amazon, cause I'm delivering


Once you've put down your deposit or paid your session fee, you're on the schedule! I'm so excited to work with you!

let's do this thing!


I have a nerdy little questionnaire you are more than welcome to not fill out, but it helps me prepare for your session and lets me know what you're looking for in a session.

fill out a lil questionnaire (if you wanna)


Head on over to the contact form and shoot me a message. I'll respond within 48 hours and if you send me pet pics I'll probably use a few more exclamation points than normal. For weddings, we'll set up a consult and for sweetheart sessions we can hop on a call or plan via e-mail!

shoot me an e-mail & don't forget the pet pics


Our Process:

You may not believe this, but you absolutely, 100% do not need any reason to have your photo taken. In case you need a few though, I've got you:

- Your Anniversary
- Just got Engaged (duh)
- I got the promotion!
- It's Thursday

Ya dig? Sweetheart sessions involve going to pretty places, dressed exactly as you are and making memories. I won't tell you to stand at the camera and make direct eye contact (except for mom and dad's fridge photo), but instead we'll use interaction based prompts to show the real y'all.

sweetheart sessions - $600

Your Home
Kauffman Performing Arts
Crossroads District
Your Favorite Arcade
Your Favorite Restaurant
Picnics at the Park
Liberty Memorial
Scout Statue

example Sessions