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        Old Shawnee Days is a fair that lacks cotton candy but oozes character anyway.

        I’ve been aching to photograph a couple of cuties at some sort of fair/carnival for ages, but couldn’t find anyone who wanted to book at the same time one was coming into town. Someone told me about Old Shawnee Days and when I approached it with Torri, she was immediately down.

        Having photographed Torri before, I knew she was outgoing, gorgeous as heck, and down for anything. We arrived at the jam packed park, our partners made themselves busy getting to know one another and we set off to find some spots to take photos.

        As we couldn’t avoid the crowd, we embraced it and incorporated some fair-goers into our images and I think it says a lot for Torri and Adrin’s love that they are the focus of these photos anyway. So peruse and fall in love with colors upon colors. I haven’t had such a fun session in a while!

        P.S – Getting on a Ferris wheel with your camera is very scary, 4/10 do not recommend unless you’re also wanting epic photos.

        Shut up. This is so precious šŸ˜©šŸ˜

        Thank you! They were so easy to photograph and so freakin cute

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