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        kansas city is a beautiful city.

        Do we have the mountain ranges or sand dunes other cities have? Nah, but we’ve got beautiful architecture, the ability to photograph lots of beautiful places without permits (as long as we keep respecting the area), and tons of “character”.

        The biggest theme you’re going to see here is that I try to go to pretty quiet places. There’s been more photographers popping up, but I avoid things like the plaza and Loose Park because it’s always a nightmare trying to find clients, everyone has photos there, and I just think there are some places that people may not think about. I’m not saying any of these are particularly original, or that if a client asks I won’t photograph them there, just saying those are usually last on my list.

        Last disclaimer: This is in the Kansas City area. Please don’t send me e-mails/comments telling me that these aren’t all Kansas City. I know that.

        1. Parking Garages – It’s a parking garage. Pretty much any one will work. Depending on the time of day and whether or not you want to pay to park there, I’ve shot Downtown in the garage connected to Cosentino’s, there’s a great one right across from Raising Canes in Westport, The Nelson has a GORGEOUS garage but it’s all underground so know your light for that one, and then there’s the Sprint Campus. But honestly, any parking garage you can think of if you go at the right time has gorgeous spots of pocketed light and you can also play with full sun & shadows.

        2. Burr Oak Conservation Center – This is technically a bit of a drive as it is in Blue Springs but it’s worth it. WARNING: If you go in the summer, you’re going to be covered in ticks. You also can get locked in if you don’t mind their hours. The conservation center is limited, but the areas you’d take photos in are super varying and make for some great variety while not having to drive to multiple locations for your clients.

        3. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art – This location I feel like most people are surprised by. I’ve seen lots of photos there, but if you explore and push yourself a bit, it’s an amazing place to get some more creative portraits. It’s an art gallery, after all! You will want to check in with security, but otherwise you should be good! I’ll post a link to the photography rules as they could at some point change and you always want to make sure you are doing things correctly so that these privileges aren’t taken away from us.

        Visitor Information

        4. Downtown Overland Park – I recently moved to the OP area and it’s become my favorite place to be. There’s the buildings and personality of a place like Brookside with less people. I have fallen in love with the Rio theater (the pink building) and I always find something else cute and unique walking around down there.

        5. The River Market – Last but not least, there’s the River Market. It’s technically an entire part of town much like Downtown OP however I LOVE photographing my couples right by the river. There’s the amazing bridge pictured down below that has a view overlooking the water. There’s also this AMAZING greenery. There’s some amazing wildflowers, a walking path and the sunset looks amazing!  (Photo on the far right, taken by the amazing Britt Crowe of my boyfriend and I)

        honorable mentions:

        • My client’s home
        • Local coffee shops
        • The KC Zoo
        • Carnivals/Fairs in the Summertime
        • Your local pool!

        Where are some of your favorite kc spots?

        Feel free to share in the comments

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